Nokiamob is 11 years old blog!

On this day eleven years ago, the Nokiamob blog was launched. Man, the time really does fly. If you’d like to read more about the blog, I suggest you check the About us page. If not, here is a short overview.

I had the idea of running my own Nokia blog several years before, but when I started writing reviews for, it was clear that I should also start something of my own. I grew up with Nokia and always dreamed about what new phones could come out, and Nokia has always done just that. The time of progressive development of (smart) phones is over, and nowadays new things happen at a slower pace. Nokia has also changed with the times, but the sheer power of the brand is what keeps this blog alive. Actually, it was not just the brand, but the great audience, community, and especially the Nokiamob team that grew with time and did not change that much.

But to keep something going for 11 years, you have to invest a lot of time and energy, and that’s what changed the most with time. The team, consisting of Stipe, Indranil, KreŇ°o, Kerwin, Abdulla and Jet (with an honourable mention to our good friend Zlatko), grew with the blog and got their own careers, which affected the time they spent writing for Nokiamob. Since Nokiamob is largely a non-profit blog, the only thing that keeps us going is Google advertising, which we use to pay for the server space that was given to us a long time ago by our great friends at
Even though the frequency of published posts has changed, we still try to present the news from the Nokia world. I must mention that perhaps the best contribution to this blog is made by you, the readers, who selflessly spend your time here, looking for great stories and sharing tips on a daily basis.

A lot has changed in the last 11 years. When I started the blog, we were still waiting for the Nokia Lumia 920, actually, the Lumia 800 and 900 existed before that, but the 920 is the device I still own and consider one of the best Nokia devices ever. However, we all know what has happened to Nokia since then, and now the brand relies on the efforts of former Nokia employees who are still launching Nokia devices.

In the last 5 years, there have been some great phones and many failures. The Nokia X30 5G is the best Nokia Mobile has to offer right now, and in many ways, it matches the foundation Nokia laid long ago, but it’s definitely not the best the world can expect from Nokia. But times have changed and the market is more competitive than ever, and I am glad Nokia is still around.
While supporting the brand we all cherish is one reason for the blog’s existence, the main idea behind the blog is to bring the good old Nokia community together as much as possible. This brand was a part of our lives growing up, and like an old pub, theatre or playground, it’s nice that it still exists. But change is the only constant, so you can expect some changes at Nokiamob in the future. I do not want to reveal when that will be, because I am not sure yet how everything will evolve, but some changes have already begun.

Anyway, if you have your Nokia device, enjoy it, and if you are on board, do not feel like a stranger and visit us from time to time. On behalf of the whole team, we would like to thank you fpr staying with us, dear Nokia fans and Nokiamobsters!