Nokiamob is turning into Oppomob


The Nokiamob team had a long discussion after the first meeting, which took place 5 minutes before this post was published. We received an offer from Oppo to run their community, and the result of that is the creation of the Oppomob site.

Actually, the site is not new, as Oppo’s only request during the recent acquisition was that the team not open a new site, but continue to use the existing one and make the transition as slowly as possible. We have been trying to register but that domain is already registered by someone from India, so we’ll probably go with

I should not give away the main goal, because we signed an agreement that will bring us 60-watt super-fast chargers and transparent covers for all Oppo devices we will get. Anyway, you’ll see the change pretty quickly and I am proud to say that this post is published from the Oppo Find N2, one of the best foldable phones you can currently buy in the EU, except in Germany. Damn you Nokia.

I hope you like the change, and I want to remind you that change is the only constant in this spinning world. We have spent 11+ years on Nokia, and now it is time to make the switch as Nokia suggested way back in 2012 when they launched the second series of their Windows Phone powered Nokia Lumia phones.


On behalf of all the ex-Nokiamob team, and now the Oppomob team, I wish you the #switch


UpdateHey oppomobsters, don’t want to keep this going for long since people will start thinking we like Oppo. Actually, we do but this was an April fool’s day prank dear all. Thanks for participating 🙂