Now there is a Plus version of Nokia C12

I remember well the time when Nokia announced the Nokia 5800 XM and later reused its casing to launch several different models that basically looked the same but differed in hardware features.

The same strategy is followed today with the Nokia C12, which Nokia Mobile launches in three different variants.

The Nokia C12 was quietly announced in January as a particularly affordable smartphone, and a few months later we learned that there is a Pro version that has a 4000 mAh battery instead of the 3000 mAh batteries that were announced for the base C12. Now it seems that the Indian market will also get a Plus model, which is actually the same as the Nokia C12 Pro, but has a larger microSD storage (256 GB).

The processor is the same, UNISOC SC9863A1 built in 28nm process, 8 and 5 MP camera sensors too, 6.3-inch HD + display is still there, as is the case design.

According to Nokia Mobile, the price is expected to be 7999 INR, which is about 90€.

A large number of models causes confusion among buyers, especially when the suffixes Pro and Plus do not bring drastic changes to the model. The Nokia C12 would suffice here, and instead of regular, Pro, and Plus, there would just be different configurations at different prices. The Nokia C12 models are virtually identical, with only minor differences that are not so much Pro or Plus.

All in all, Nokia C12 (Pro and Plus too) is an interesting Android 12 GO running entry phone and if you are not a needy smartphone user, it is worth of checking it out.

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