Nokia C32 is easily disassembled just like G22

The Nokia C32 kind of went under the radar since all the spotlights were taken by the easy-to-repair Nokia G22. But, Nokia C32 is an interesting device since it has almost the same specs as G22 minus the 10W charging and a 28 nm processor.

Techno Rabin posted a disassembly video of the Nokia C32 and it seems that the phone is also easily disassembled. All you need is a guitar pick to remove the back cover and it is reasonably easy to replace broken parts if you have Torx screws at home. Since the battery is glued to the frame, the only thing extra your need is alcohol to loosen the adhesive. I do wonder why Nokia Mobile didn’t put pullable adhesive like on G22 under the battery which would make things easy for people at home.

I like the new internal design approach which kind of changed the position of the aluminium frame. Now the frame doesn’t serve as a cradle that houses all the parts, it is the carrier of the display instead.

Check out the video below: