New Nokia TA-1563 featurephone passes FCC tests

Although smartphones are becoming cheaper and more affordable every year, mostly thanks to the Android Go software and ODM fast production, Nokia Mobile is not giving up on classical feature phones. Just recently a new feature phone Nokia TA-1563 has passed the FCC certification process, and it seems there will be two versions of the phone, one with and another without the camera.

The phone will support BT and LTE or 4G networks and most likely come with a basic camera. Nokia Mobile is using a BL-L5H1400 mAh battery for this device which means it will not use the power as a classical smartphone, which is currently the only advantage feature phone have.

The label location revealed the classic block design, similar to the Nokia 110 with a rounded lower part. The loudspeaker is most likely a bottom-firing one, and since the phone has been sent to the testing facilities with WH-108 basic earbuds, TA-1563 will have a 3.5 mm headphone jack. But a BT connection suggests there will be a possibility to connect some of Nokia branded BT earbuds.

According to the release of several FCC certificates, Nokia Mobile is going to announce new phones soon, most likely the trusted feature phones which are still selling well around the world.

Link: FCC