Nokia X30 available on Amazon UK at a good price

The Nokia X30 may be overshadowed by the more rugged Nokia XR21 version, but this phone is much bigger than the shadow the XR21 creates. Although the XR21 is tougher, the Nokia X30 has an even slimmer body that is just as tough as the XR21 when encased in a silicone shell.
Plus, the X30 has the same SoC and a better camera if you ask me, and definitely a better screen. AMOLED always wins LCD when it comes to image and video playback. Ok, you can add visibility under direct sunlight there too.

If you want to get this device, and you live in the UK, check the quite good offer on Amazon UK. Nokia X30 is available in blue colour for £293.99. The price on the official site is currently £299.00 which means the Amazon deal is quite good.


It seems to me that Nokia Mobile is going to great lengths to attract buyers in the UK. These kinds of offers are published monthly, which is nice. Moreover, you can even buy refurbished devices there. I’d be happy if these offers were also available in the rest of the world.