Nokia Chairman goes back to school to learn about AI

Nokia’s Chairman Risto Siilasmaa, by the Finnish press praised as the saviour of Nokia, told Reuters that he spent his summer learning about AI via an online course run by Stanford University. AI or Artificial Intelligence is simply defined as intelligent behaviour by the machines, and it seems to be the next big thing in Tech. Nokia has already stepped into the AI game with Mika, its own personal assistant for operators.

Now, Nokia’s Chairman to better understand the implications of AI decided to study the topic a bit more. “I realized that I don’t have deep enough knowledge on this phenomenon… Now I‘m back studying programming after 30 years,” said Siilasmaa to Reuters, adding that: “I do not want to become an AI programmer. I want to deeply understand the abilities and limitations of AI.”

Since starting the courses, Risto also briefed Nokia’s board and managers on the subject, saying: “I want to raise awareness …on this, because AI will be a key driver of the ongoing industrial revolution.”
AI has been lately a lot discussed in the media. The most heard voice about AI in the industry is definitely that of Elon Musk. Elon is concerned about AI, saying that it could cause World War 3 and be a serious threat to humanity. Russian president Vladimir Putin basically agrees with Musk, saying that the country that masters AI will be the ruler of the world. On the other hand, Facebook’s CEO loves AI and doesn’t see it as a big threat, but Elon Musk says Zuckerberg’s understanding of AI is limited, and in my opinion biased because most Facebook ad tools rely on some kind of AI.
All in all, we can expect more talk about AI in the future. Also, while some CEO’s are writing books about how great they are, Nokia’s Chairman went back to school to better understand the way the industry is moving in. “I’ve noticed that when doing something …that people are not used to see the chairman doing, that inspires people and encourages them to think out of the box,” concluded Siilasmaa in the Reuters interview.
Source: Reuters