Gmail may soon replace all your package tracking apps

How many times have you been in a situation where the merchant sends you only the tracking number of the package? if you wanted to follow its path, you had to find the website of the courier through which it was sent, such as DHL, UPS, etc., and enter the number in their interface. True, it’s not a pain in the ass, but you’ve probably often wondered if the entire process of tracking a shipment could be simplified.

As of now, it seems the solution is coming from Google, through the very Gmail application. Considering that you can receive news about the shipment sent to you by e-mail, it seems that Google has found a solution to unify all this information. Thus, the new Gmail application contains a special tab that automatically prints the received information about the shipment with a built-in progress bar.

If support for this function has arrived on your device, find and mark “Package tracking” in the settings of the Gmail application. After that, all your notifications about the movement of the shipment should be found in the new tab.

Of course, given that this feature is still in the development phase, it is possible that you will still receive more detailed information on the courier’s website, but it certainly has the potential to replace all tracking services in the near future, i.e. to make it easier for you to track shipments.