Aalto University starting a new doctoral program with Nokia

To achieve a technological breakthrough or a breakthrough of any kind, one must invest in education, in the production of an intelligent grey brain mass that will take us forward. Nokia can easily look for brilliant engineers who can develop new technologies, but it is better to fund a new idea and grow a young brain. Nokia has announced that it will partner with Finland’s Aalto University to establish a new XG PhD programme.

The programme will be funded with Nokia’s support and is expected to start with the new academic year or at least later in 2023. Nokia has provided €500,000 to the university to support the programme. The programme will focus on developing new energy-efficient hardware for mobile communication systems. This includes the design and construction of energy-efficient integrated circuits and antenna systems. These new antennas will also shape 6G networks, the future Internet of Things, and many other technologies that rely on communications networks to function. Low-power antennas are also needed in various sectors such as healthcare and transportation. The letters ‘XG” represent future generations of mobile communications systems and new connected devices.

Nokia and Aalto University have been working together for decades, and more than 20 research projects involving Nokia are currently underway. These are not only PhD projects, but also master’s student projects, which is a good way for young people to get in touch with the industry. The research includes 5G technology, signal processing, antenna technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, mobile cloud services and materials.

University Aalto