Best of Android 13 features on Nokia smartphones

Android 13 has been around long enough on some Nokia devices to make a list of things you might like and things you might not. The list is based on the personal preferences of Abdulla and myself, so you may not agree with us completely.

Abdulla has been using his X20 while I use the XR20 as a secondary device, and we pretty much like the same things. Abdulla also made a great video on the subject, check it out.

Here are the common things we both like about Android 13:

  1. The performance of the Nokia XR20 and X20 has improved a lot after the update. Everything seems to run much smoother, and I can say the same for the G50.
  2. Better optimization of notifications – I always mute my phone, as calls and text messages are the only things I get notified about on a smartwatch while my phone is in a hip pocket.
  3. Abdulla likes the improved colours and icons of the theme, I am not a fan of it as many apps I have on the main display are not yet adapted to the new look.
  4. Not a huge improvement, but worth mentioning is the photo privacy feature which means a specific app can access the photos you want to share with it, which is usually the gallery, so no big deal. However, if you are a perv, you are better off not sharing some photos with apps.
  5. The best new feature that both Abdulla and I like is the new Camera 2.0 app introduced with the Nokia X30 5G. However, do not expect all the fancy algorithms that the Nokia X30 has for night mode or other apps
  6. The last feature that I never use, but could be useful on smartphones with large displays like the G50 or XR30, is the one-handed mode where you control everything with the tip of your index finger. This option already existed in the Lumia series, but now it has made its debut in Android and is a welcome feature.

What we both do not like is the ubiquitous Google search bar, and that’s it for me. Abdulla does not like the new combination of some features, like the internet connection that combines mobile data and WiFi. Anyway, the latest OS updates are not just cosmetic and give users some good options.


Did we miss something or skip a feature you like? Let us know what you think in the comments.