Nokia G11 Plus also has a durable aluminum body

Nokia G11 Plus was announced recently and the phone is bringing some slight updates to G11 like a 50 MP primary camera. The phone is fairly easy to disassemble since you need a plastic pick to take the back shell off the phone. Beneath the cover are the plastic covers that protect the motherboard and another smaller board for charging and other circuits. Boards are housed on the aluminium frame, making the body sturdy and probably resistant to impacts.

Check out the disassembly video.

The build quality remained the same with the latest design change, but I’d love to see them survive the bending test of Zack from JerryRigEverything. however, I tried to bend G21 and it didn’t flex at all.

So, the build quality and durability of the latest Nokia smartphones will be the same, if not better, and the only thing left to see is the durability and quality of other hardware parts.

In case you want to know how to assemble it, check the following video.

Cheers TechnoRabin for the tip 😉