Android 12 tested for Nokia T20 tablet

Nokia T20 and XR20
The Most Interesting two products from 2021, XR20 and T20

Nokia Mobile has been working on bringing the latest Android OS update for its latest X and G series smartphones. So far, Nokia X20, X10, XR20 and G50 got the update, but the tests are being done for older devices like Nokia 5.4, Nokia 3.4, Nokia 8.3 and others.

However, I wondered whether will the UNISOC powered Nokia devices be getting the major OS update soon since those were among the latest to announce and all came to the market with Android 11. According to the latest GeekBench tests, Nokia Mobile is working on Unisoc devices too, and Nokia T20 showed up running Android 12 in the first week of April.

This doesn’t mean that the update will be soon available for the only Nokia tablet on the market, but it is nice to see it being worked on. There is also a new Android Build available in some markets for T20 which could suggest that a major OS update is coming.

The single- and multi-core scores are looking OK for the device which is performing the daily tasks rather well. Android 12 should make it even more stable and give it a more modern looks.

Source Geekbench