Nokia Security updates and Kernel pages are down

While monthly security pages may seem unnecessary, it’s always good to know when or if a new update is available for your phone’s model or build number. You can find out about the latest updates from many sources, but there is also the Nokia Security Updates website where you can find the official information about the updates. Nokia Mobile also ran the open-source pages where publicly available kernel code for the latest Android OS was published. I never used this site or the portions of kernel, but it was a nice effort from the Finns and a respectable step toward the transparency of their software business.

Lately, these pages have been somewhat unresponsive and you could only access them via phone. Now both pages are unavailable depending on which browser you use. I do not know the cause of this problem, but I do know that it takes resources such as time and manpower to keep these pages up to date. The fact that both pages are no longer available could indicate that Nokia Mobile no longer maintains them because they do not see the point, or that the company is restructuring the way it shares such data with users.

Anyways, if you do notice some changes, come back in the comments. While I was writing this post, the Official Update tracking page came back to life, but the Kernel one didn’t. I’ll ask HMD and report back on what is going on when I get the answer.