Juho Sarvikas is leaving Nokia Mobile

Juho Sarvikas announced on social networks that after 15 years of being with Nokia and Nokia Mobile (HMD Global), he will be leaving the brand. Since April’s fool day is close, we checked the info, but it is true. Juho Sarvikas stayed with the brand and tried to revive it through the young start-up company HMD Global which licensed the Nokia brand for phones and tablets till 2027.

In his 15 years relations ship with the brand, Juho was responsible for creation of many Nokia phones. In the Nokia Mobile story he took a great responsibility as Chief product officer of the HMD Global startup, and at the very beginning, they announced very good phones with a Nokia 3310 as a marketing success. After that, the problems started with high-end phones like Nokia 8 being late, which continued with all the problems regarding the first and second Nokia 9.

Anyways, some will be sad to see ex-Nokian leaving the brand, but on the other hand, some will rejoice because the brand lost the sales numbers and credibility because of some badly designed and underperforming devices.

Juho will leave the company at the end of April, so you could be seeing him on the April 8th event.

Anyways, we wish all the best to Juho in future endeavors and anxiously looking forward to finding out who will continue his work. Thanks for being involved in the raise of the Nokia brand once again.