Nokia had the Moonraker and McLaren, but they couldn’t afford it

Nokia McLaren and Moonraker as seen on a sales deck materials

Nokia’s cancelled smartwatch and smartphone, the Nokia Moonraker and Nokia McLaren, have been seen and featured in many leaked materials, and YouTube videos before. However, there is always this missing question why these devices were cancelled despite their very promising set of flairs.

In a tweet by Evan Blass, he revealed some never before seen materials (afaik) of the Moonraker alongside the McLaren, while tagging some familiar faces like Tom Messett and John Kneeland.

Both Tom and John have worked with Nokia before. Tom handled the digital and social media marketing for Nokia, whilst John is working as a developer project manager. Both of them knows the in and outs of the company during that period — even more so about the almost mythical Moonraker and McLaren.

In a Tweet, Tom said that if he and John had it their way, Moonraker would’ve been the world’s first smart pocket watch. probably the guys would 3D print a special case for it :). It is unfortunate as we are seeing the Moonraker as a very capable device. It even integrates so well with the Windows Phone ecosystem.

When Moonraker was cancelled, Tom and his team were in New York, and is set-up to meet Makerbot (a 3D printing company) to plan out a campaign for the Moonraker. They want it to launch with a set of 3D print plans and a series of 3D printable designs (including a smart pocket watch) — pretty much like what they did with the Lumia 820 months prior.

Unfortunately, Tom and his team just landed in New York when he got an email telling him that the Moonraker is being cancelled. As a result, his team spent three days in the city without doing anything.

As for the photos posted by Evan, Tom said that these photos are from a sales deck used to pitch phones to AT&T. Basically, Nokia will try to present a marketing plan to convince AT&T to offer their smartphones and accessories, alongside all the money it will be spending in promoting these devices.

Sadly, Nokia was just bluffing all these presentation because, according to Tom, they had zero money to afford anything — including all the marketing which may cost them millions of dollars.

This is also the reason why they weren’t able to get a new Nokia flagships to the United States. They just couldn’t afford a Nokia McLaren, and who knows what more. This reason, coupled with the injuries Microsoft’s acquisition have caused, killed off many promising projects that could have potentially been something else.

Via: MSPowerUser