German retailer Saturn offering Nokia True Wireless Earbuds in silver and red?

Nokia True Wireless Earbuds or Nokia BH-705 are a gorgeous product that has a great design and build quality. Back at MWC2019, I had a chance to play with them briefly, and I must say I liked them pretty much. And Stipe did also. They look great in black, but it would be nice if Nokia Mobile offered them in some other colors. It seems that they will offer them in red and silver since those two color variants just showed up on webpages of German retailer Saturn.

The price is €119.99 and the shipping cost is €1.99. But, one thing that is a bit fishy here is the 12 weeks delivery date, or Google translator didn’t translate the page correctly. I check the official Nokia page of many countries and the only color available there is black.

We’ll check with Nokia Mobile and get back if the Nokia BH-705 is gonna be available in new colors because they look great in silver and red. How do you like them?


For more details check Saturn paged. Nokia BH-705 Red / Nokia BH-705 Silver


Thanks Nokiamob Lover for the tip 😉