HMD continues with the (Nokia) brand ambassador program with Finnish NBA star Lauri Markkanen

Nokia has the most humane marketing, and HMD is following its footsteps. Well, Nokia is responsible for its brand and how it is advertised and probably is directing HMD, who is executive producer of marketing strategy. You probably saw that beautiful and emotional Christmas promo video which is a great example of it. But, to bring brand and products even closer to the people, you need to use a real person. Nokia invested a lot in brand ambassador type of marketing in the past and HMD started doing the same. The main difference between Nokia and HMD is that young Finnish startup is being more careful in the choice of people. And that is good. Nokia used to have many brand ambassadors in various countries and choice was sometimes really bad, and didn’t bring the wanted result.

HMD continued with the ambassador program and got in touch with the 24 years old Finnish NBA star Lauri Markkanen that will promote the brand during the whole season. Markkanen is playing for Chicago Bulls and will be carrying his Nokia 8 and document his games with it. He could prove to be a smart choice in bringing a bit of fame to the Nokia brand among young Finns. HMD is targeting millennials, or young people between 17-30 that are ready to get attached for a brand that gives them great value for money. HMD obviously didn’t have problem getting the old fans like myself to them, since we experienced Nokia well before. I am glad that HMD isn’t rushing with this and that it’s being pensive about who they are choosing and why.

HMD said it will invest a lot of money into the marketing and now when the portfolio is almost full, we see a lot of action going on. Even thought I would love to see them present at smaller markets also, but they are doing decent job for the first year of existence. Hope HMD will attract more investors and explode (not literary) in 2018.