#Nokia 3, 5 and 6 available in #Croatia and #Serbia

After a longer wait, HMD’s first announced devices, Nokia 3, 5 and 6, are available in the countries of Croatia and Serbia. In Croatia, Nokia 3 and 5 are available in all major retailers, with the 5 being carried by the largest operator in the country, Croatian Telecom (owned by Deutsche Telekom). The 6 is at the moment available only via the webstore of one of the two distributors of Nokia Devices, and is expected to hit the shelves of other retailers and maybe some operators probably next week.

The prices in Croatia are:

In Serbia, the 3 devices are carried by local operators, that showed significantly more interest for them than the operators in Croatia. For example, the 3 and 6 can be found at Telenor, the 3 and 5 at VIP Mobile or at MTS. The prices are similar to those in Croatia, maybe a little (5%) more affordable, but it’s not a rule.

One of the biggest doubts, to me, was carrier availability of new Nokia devices, because, at first, HMD announced they will mainly sell their devices via exclusive Internet partners. But, thanks to the high demand and interest, the device are available in a wide range of operators in Europe (where it does matter), and hopefully the number of partners will rise.

We contacted our local HMD PR team asking for review units, and they said they will contact us.