Is Nokia G60 5G priced competitively in India?

The Nokia G60 5G is the latest lower mid-range smartphone that has a few tricks up its sleeve. Nokia Mobile has included a Gorilla 5 Glass protected display with a 120 Hz refresh rate HD + LED, a capable 50 MP primary camera enriched with an improved camera app, the latest BT and WiFi connectivity and an attractive finish on the back. Although I am not a fan of the latest camera module design or its position, the G60 looks great and feels light, but is still a sturdy smartphone

Nokia G60 5G available at the Nokia web store for 29999 INR

The phone was recently launched in India and costs 29,999 ₹, which is about € 370. That may seem fair for a phone from a popular and well-maintained brand, but the price is definitely not competitive. Samsung, Motorola and realme, for example, have their champions in the battle for market share with Nokia. To be precise, the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G, Motorola G82 and realme 9 Pro have the same specs but lower prices. One could argue that all these brands do not invest much in their lower segment when it comes to software updates, or that their camera software is not that great, but people today ask why they should spend more on Nokia.

All these phones have the same or quite similar hardware specs and can be found at lower prices than Nokia G60

I have to say that the Nokia G60 is a really good phone for everyday use that will give its owner at least two years of great photos and good entertainment quality. Nokia also includes with the G60 the Nokia Power Earbuds Lite worth ₹3,599, which are an older model but still among the best Nokia Mobile has brought to market

Whether that’s enough is the question for end users. The price can always be further adjusted, and as 2022 approaches, some additional offers may be made. Are you planning to get the Nokia G60, or do you have another smartphone brand or model in mind?

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