Camera comparison between Samsung Note 10 and Nokia 9 PureView

There is a YouTube channel that compares cameras of every flagship phone from competitors with the camera of Nokia 9 PureView. And, the sole purpose of that comparison is to get an answer to the question, will it beat Nokia?. So, Will It Beat Nokia YouTube channel posted another nicely done video with the camera comparison between Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Nokia 9 PureView and great music in the background. Note 10 has an optically stabilized 12 MP main camera with the variable aperture of F/1.5 – 2.4 and pixel size of 1.4um. Nokia 9 PV has five 12 MP cameras, with the aperture of f/1.8 and pixel size of 1.25um.

The camera comparison clearly showed that Nokia 9 PV can compete with Note 10 in the daylight conditions, but the low light shots show that Nokia still needs to work on 9PV camera. Anyway, Note 10 has a bit of oversaturated colors, while Nokia usually produces more real-life colors in the photos. Nokia 9PV can also create a nice bokeh effect, while Samsung Note 10 has a clear advantage in 2x zoom and night shots. Do check the video and tell us what do you think about this camera comparison.

The thing is that Nokia 9 PureView has a great camera and can create superb shots, but Samsung Note 10 is a more rounded up device that will provide the user with decent photos in various light conditions. This means that if you are a mobile photography enthusiast, you could benefit more from Nokia 9 PureView RAW files, and if you don’t need superb daylight photography, then you can click a nice photo with Note 10 also. The price of Note 10 is much higher than the 9 PV, but you definitely get more, definitely a better video.


Cheers Usernew54 for the tip 😉