Nokia 3.4 and 5.4 receiving new security patches

New security updates are available for Nokia 5.4 and Nokia 3.4, apparently for the phones that are still running Android 11. Users have started reporting that the June security patch for Nokia 5.4 is popping up on their devices. The update is 47.96 MB in size and only fixes the June security issues, nothing else.

The Nokia 3.4 has also received the June security patch. The size of the update is similar to the size of a patch for Nokia 5.4. Although the Nokia 3.4 is already running Android 12, the device I have at home is still on Android 11. The security patch has been pushed from May to June on it. Funnily, it is the same patch as in 3.4 on Android 12 according to Nokia mobile update tracker.

It seems that the Nokia 3.4 for the European market will get Android 12 a bit later than the device for the Indian market. Until the next and last major Android update arrives, make sure your Nokia 3.4 is secure.


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