Wireless display connection available for T20

One thing that the Nokia T21 brought from the start was the option to use the tablet as a second screen. Windows 10 and 11 offer the ability for PCs to wirelessly connect tablets and other WiFi-enabled displays to be used as the second display. The Nokia T20 did not have this option when it came to the market so T21 looked like a logical upgrade. I was a bit sad that its sharp 2K screen could not be used as a second display natively , since that optionĀ  works the best of course. You could use an app for the same option, but that would never work as well as Windows wireless connection. Anyways, you might wonder why anyone would use a tablet as a second display, but if you have a 14-inch laptop, a second display can be useful when you need to work outside the office.

With the Android 12 update, the Second Screen option is now available for the Nokia T20. This option makes the tablet visible to your PC, so you can connect it and use it as a second screen over WiFi in a few simple steps. The prerequisite is that both PC and the Nokia T20 are connected to the same WiFi network and that your T20 is updated to Android 12.


Here is what you have to do:

  1. On your device you have to click on Second Screen button which takes you to the app which directs you to your next step. If you don’t find the button in the drop down menu, you can add it by editing the buttons.
  2. Press Windows key + K and then select Nokia T20 from the list of available devices
  3. Tablet will remain visible as long as you stay in the Second Screen window
  4. Click accept when the message for connection pops up on the tablet
  5. That should be it, set the display arrangement in Windows as you would do for the second screen and off you go


This is quite useful option that makes Nokia T20 even more feature rich than it was. You can even enable touch and mouse controls and use the tablet as if Windows were installed on it. Also, now I can imagine this tablet next to the 14 or 15 inch Nokia laptop from OffGlobal.


Thanks Luke for bringing this up!