Nokia E1200 headphones sold under three different names

Nokia licensing its name to a manufacturer that created great products is a perfectly fine way of having the brand I grew up with still popping around me. But, the licensing deal is becoming a bit messy now, and the perfect example is Nokia E1200 headphones made by RichGo. The mess is also created by over 20 different audio accessories which are sold in specific markets, but E1200 is a clear example of when the licensing strategy isn’t the best for the brand.

Nokia Mobile announced an interesting Nokia Essential Wireless Headphones together with Nokia 225 4G and Nokia 215 4G back in October 2020. These headphones are interesting because you can compact them by folding the frame, and even connect them with a smartphone over a cable through a 3.5 mm jack when the 500 mAh battery drains. They are coming with a powerful 40 mm driver, and they also look cool for the price.

The messy part is that the same Headset is sold under three different names. Nokia Mobile is selling them as Nokia Essential Wireless Headphones, and those are available wherever the Nokia smartphones are being sold, or at larger markets. But, Nokia itself is selling Nokia Essential Wireless Headphones E1200, which are aimed at the Asian market, and Nokia headset T4010, which can be bought over Flipkart in India.

These headphones are completely the same product that is advertised for specific markets and retailers under a different name, and that is pure craziness. Since Nokia is promoting its brand licensing through My Nokia social accounts, this might confuse followers. Nokia should take care of this problem and work a bit more on the marketing of their products. I don’t get why these headphones aren’t promoted under the same name when they are made by the same manufacturer. They should bear the same name at least on Nokia’s web pages if the Phones subpage is handled by Nokia Mobile.