Nokia Mobile announces Nokia G11 Plus

Nokia Mobile launched another budget-friendly device which is a slight mix of Nokia G11 and C21. The forte of this device is a 50 MP camera that is paired with a 6.517-inch HD+ display that refreshed at 90 Hz. Also, there is a headphone jack, 64GB of internal memory and a large 5000 mAh battery to make it last for at least two days.

There is no mention of a processor being used, but since the device is housing an HD+ display, it must be one of the Unisoc marvels, something like e Unisoc T606 (ARM with 8 cores at 1.61GHz).

Here is the promo video that should demonstrate some use-case scenarios of G11 Plus.

Nokia G11 Plus is a bit on the heavy side with 192g but I like it in blue colour.

It is slightly confusing why this phone exists. It’s not exactly better than the G11 but at least it is coming with a base storage of 4/64, not 32GB. If I had to guess, I’d say this is aimed at markets that didn’t get the G11.

So, this device should be able to help you perform the basics, send nice shots and videos, do the basic communication and have secure software for at least three years. Now the only question left is at what price are we getting this new Moto/Nokia G11 Plus.

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