Video: Nokia networks power Nokia mobile users

A thing I wanted to see a for a long time is Nokia’s networks technology coupled with health gadgets and phones in a promotional video. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending what part of Nokia you like more, Nokia’s rise in networks in recent years happened after the fall in mobile, so it was physically impossible to couple all the things I mentioned above in an interesting promo video. But things have changed.

In its recent promotional video for Nokia Networks, Nokia promotes their small cell technology that fits in with the urban infrastructure and is portable to events that require more broadband, like concerts or sport events. The video shows a photographer, traveler and Nokia 8 users visiting Finland and relying on public infrastructure to get his work done. Check the video down below.


All in all, the video is good. It shows all the different uses and types of small cells and a Nokia-branded mobile phone, too. It’s not spectacular like the Christams or Diwali ad, but keep in mind that this video is from Nokia, not HMD, and Nokia is in a subtle way promoting “their” phones. A step in the right direction if you ask me. What do you say? Tell us down below. 🙂

Learn more about small cells technology from Nokia here.