A long time Nokian Stephanie Werner-Dietz is leaving the company

The flow of employees is a normal thing in a big modern company. Although we are afraid of changes, the only constant in this biosphere is change. However, when a long time worker decides to leave the company, and that company is by any chance Nokia, it is worth mentioning here.

Nokia’s Chief People Officer, Stephanie Werner-Dietz, told its company that she will be leaving it on August 31, 2022, to take up a position in another company. by doing so, Stephanie will also be stepping down from its Group Leadership Team.

It is always sad to hear that someone is leaving Nokia, especially Stephanie who has been a loyal Nokian for over 20 years. She came to work for Nokia back in 1998 after she graduated, but she was tied with Nokia even as a graduate student.

She helped Nokia transform into a company that focuses more on providing a motivated and engaged workforce. She also unveiled Nokia’s new People strategy which has a strong emphasis on growth, skills and development, to create leaders in the technology business. Do check out her blog post on the importance of taking a break from work to recharge. I like the intro which describes what Nokia really is, not just a company but more like an organism that needs to take care of all of its parts to be able to thrive.

It will be interesting to peek at Stephanie Werner-Dietz’s LinkedIn account to see where she went after Nokia. We wish her all the best.