Nokia introduces network slicing for Android 14

One of the opportunities of 5G networks is network slicing. To make this term as simple as possible, this option is actually a virtual architecture of a single network which is divided in a way the network will be able to respond to the specific needs of a user. These virtual partitions of a network will enable providers to offer specific features such as connectivity, speed, and capacity of a network to the customer base.

Nokia now introduces on-demand network slicing which will enable Android smartphone users to activate a network slice on-demand in real-time. This will boost network performance and latency and bring better conditions, for example, high-quality streaming and gaming.

Operators will of course create a new service which will expand the monetization of 5G networks. These new 5G services based on network slicing capabilities should be compatible with Android 14 release devices and Nokia’s 5G networks.

This is definitely a nice new software feature of 5G networks, but it also shows that 5G capacity for daily usage isn’t that necessary since smartphones can’t swallow high data content due to the limited screen resolution, or battery usage, so operators will deliver speed to those that really need it and can afford it.

So, network slices will come in handy to better use existing networks for some specific scenarios like quality, traffic routing, latency, and security. But, there will be commercially available slices specifically tailored for gamers or those that attend sports arenas and need boosting 5G network to get an on-demand video replay of a goal or a specific situation.

Anyways, it is good to mention that Nokia’s network slicing was developed in Tampere, Finland utilizing Nokia’s end-to-end slicing product portfolio implemented in Android 14. Hopefully, existing and new 5G Nokia branded devices will be able to use this too.


Nokia Newsroom