Android 12 coming to Nokia 8.3 5G

Users of Nokia 8.3 started reporting the availability of the next major OS update. Android 12 is available for the device, but not for all the market at once. Users from Finland reported that it is available there, and here in Croatia we still haven’t got it. The software build number is 00WW_3_380. So, if you got the update, do come back with details.

Hikari Calyx Tweeted that the existing bootloader unlock method can be still used.  You will be still able to downgrade the phone, but you must downgrade to Android 10 first if you haven’t unlocked the bootloader. Nokia 8.3 5G seems like a great phone to try Jolla’s Sailfish OS, and Hikari’s Bootloader is a great opportunity to do just that.

Nokia 8.3 5G isn’t the only device that has received the update. Nokia 5.3 got the March 2022 security patch (23.04 MB) while Nokia 7.2 (6.69 MB) and Nokia 2.2 (25.96 MB) received April security patch. The security patch for Nokia 7.2 is available here in Croatia, but it should also be available worldwide.

Thanks to all who tipped and sent us screenshots in the comments or on social networks!

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