Concept Creator teasing about Nokia 10 Pureview

Concept Creator made a nice concept of what he thinks Nokia 10 Pureview should look like. It is a beautifully done video, as usual, and does have a few tips for the folks from HMD if they are going to be making a successor of Nokia 9 PureView. The camera module with a bump would be a necessary thing if we want better shots since it fits larger sensors. A Xenon flash would be cool, but I don’t think there is enough place for it in the phone’s body, and it would also be draining battery substantially. That is probably why we won’t be seeing Xenon flashes in the phones so soon, but it would be a great cameraphone.

Do check the video an tell us what do you think of Nokia 10 PureView concept? Give us your ideal specs of this ultimate Nokia flagship.