Hikari Calyx will be offering free bootloader unlock service for Nokia phones

My smartphone hacking days belong to a distant history like Symbian, but there are still Nokia owners willing to tamper with the software of their smartphones. To do that one should need to unlock the Bootloader which is a non-existent option on the latest Nokia devices. Community members asked for a bootloader to be unlocked after the warranty expires, but  Nokia Mobile wasn’t willing to change their policy on bootloader unlocking.

But there is a solution for that, and it is called Hikari Calyx, a Nokia super fan and a good source of all related stuff. He announced on Twitter that a free bootloader unlocking service will be provided for all previously supported FIH Nokia/Sharp smartphones worldwide from May 1, 2022 to May 10, 2022 (UTC). However, the daily quota will be limited and if you don’t manage to get it for free you can always try PayPaling your way to the unlocked bootloader.

The devices covered currently according to Reddit are Nokia 2.1 2 V 3.1 A C Plus 5 5.1 Plus X5 6 6.1 Plus X6 7 7.1 Plus X71 8 Sirocco 8.1 X7 9 PureView, Nokia 2, 5, 6 (2017) and Sharp Aquos S2 / C10, Aquos S3 / D10 and Aquos S3 mini.

Hikari also said that he is planning on adding to the bootloader unlock service Nokia 3.4 (DRS), Nokia 5.4 (DRD) and Nokia XR20 (TTG).

Someone should make a statue of Hikari completely made from Nokia 3310.


Cheers Ordinarian for the tip 😉