TechAltar did Saturday checkout with Nokia Chronicles

TechAltar did a Saturday checkout which is a one time exclusive for Nokia Chronicles podcast that the Aussie duo is running. His standard Friday Checkout is not going away and you can check it out on YouTube. This episode is rather quick but not less interesting since TechAltar is always precise and concise in his answers, but we got used to that.

It is definitely nice to see big Youtube names coming on this podcast and talking about Nokia phones from the past and of course from this timeline. If you check the episode you’ll find out a few interesting bits about TechAltar like his real name, Marton Barcza, which Nokia phones got him hooked on the brand and which Nokia phone got tattooed on his leg. However, I liked his explanation of what is the problem with Nokia Mobile currently and why they are currently with one leg out of the classic consumer business.

HMD going to enterprise business is probably the only thing that will save the Nokia logo on devices. If they are successful in the enterprise business, maybe we’ll get a proper flagship for the masses once the sales improve and volumes of shipped phones increase. With higher smartphone shipments, there could be a place for a screen from the 2022 production line. Till then, we’ll be seeing these dull generic Nokia smartphones like G21.

Marton also revealed how he is creating his videos and what is the secret of his perfect short Friday Checkout.

So, if you are not busy and want to relax for 30 minutes, get your earbuds and check the latest Nokia Chronicles episode.


Nice to hear that Adrian and Justin survived for another week in the land down under where everything surrounding you can kill you.