Nokia 7.2 and Nokia 6.2 preorders opened in Finland

Finnish operators Elisa and DNA opened the preorders for new Nokia smartphones, Nokia 7.2 and 6.2. Elisa’s offer is a bit more favorable than the DNA’s, but Finns will have to check the details about the deals of both operators before they get the device.
Elisa is offering Nokia 7.2 in Charcoal and Cyan Green, and Nokia 6.2 in black and Ice color. Nokia 7.2 is available in both memory variants (4/64 and 6/128GB). The one-time payment for 6/128GB version is €281.50, while the 4/64GB version is set at €241€. If you go for a Charcoal version of 7.2, Elisa will start shipping it on September 30, and Cyan Green version on October 21. That is a log time to wait for it, but it sure looks better in that cyan green.

While Nokia 6.2 is offered in two colors (black and ice), you can only get a 4/64GB memory variant of the device. The one-time payment at Elisa is €200,50, and the delivery date is set on October 14 for the black version and at the end of October for ice version.


DNA is also offering Charcoal and Cyan green version of Nokia 7.2 with 4/64GB and 6/128GB memory combination. The price of a weaker model is €298,80 if you choose the one-time payment, while the 6/128GB version costs €348.48. The delivery will start on October 14.

DNA opened the preorders for4/64GB version of Nokia 6.2. The device is currently available in black color only. The price is set at €248.40, and the delivery date is fixed on October 7.


Thanks Nokiamob lover for the tip ;).