Wordle is now available on Nokia NGage

Nokia NGage

There is some strange obsession going on with the Wordle, a game that was recently bought by New York Times in an attempt to increase the time readers spend on their website. The game is also available in numerous languages and there is already a number of similar variations to it.

In case you are an owner of the original Nokia N-Gage device from 2003, have a bit of skill in Symbian hacking, and if you like Wordle, there is great news for you. A Nokia fan Michael Fitzmayer made an unofficial port of Wordle for Nokia N-Gage. The first version of the game is quite simple since it uses a single word list with all 2,309 terms in the New York Times version. The translation to German and Russian are already available and there will be a Finnish version available too in case you are not fluent in English.

To port the game you should be using the latest modified SDK developed by Michael for the N-Gage device. You can find the needed files for the Wordle here.

It seems that N-Gage is still respected by the gamers and tech community and that in the future we’ll be seeing a lot more simple games ports. Nokia N-Gage devices can still be found on ebay and Amazon, so if you miss the good old Symbian days, you know what to do.