Official #Nokia cases available in Croatia, Germany and UK

The official accessories for the Nokia phones become available in Europe. This refers mostly to the protective or decorative cases, while we are still waiting for the earphones to show up. In Germany and UK (which is still considered as the part of Europe 🙂 ) you can buy the Nokia cases over the Amazon. The German and British Amazon offer the full range of cases for all the Nokia models, and prices vary between €16 and €24 regarding the type of the case you are looking for.


Some flip and silicone cases for the Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 are available in Croatia through the Mobis retailer. The price for the simple silicone mask is HRK 89 or €11.86 while the leather flip cases will cost Croatians HRK129 or €17.18 which is similar like the prices in the rest of the EU.

Hope that the HMD will start the official Nokia store so we can find and buy all the accessories at one place.