Nokia phones available again online across EU


Following the judicial verdict from the lawsuit filed against HMD Global, Nokia Mobile faced a huge problem. To remind you of the situation, a company called VoiceAgeEVS LLC filed suit against HMD in German courts for using VoLTE protocols illegally in Nokia smartphones.

Nokia Mobile filed a complaint and lost, which led to the withdrawal of devices from certain EU markets. Nokia Mobile said HMD takes intellectual property rights seriously and is willing to offer and accept licenses on fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory (“FRAND”) terms.

VoiceAgeEVS LLC was not happy with HMD’s legal actions, so it managed to get a partial ban on Nokia devices. HMD has already taken steps to enable continued sales by removing support for EVS from products sold in Germany. Now phones like Nokia XR20 and X20 are available for purchase in web stores in Germany, Austria and other EU countries.

While Nokia Mobile has its own troubles, companies like VoiceAgeEVS LLC certainly are not helping the situation. I thought that patent trolling days were behind us, but it seems that there are still companies present in the market today that will hunt manufacturers down.


Cheers d’Orso for the tip 😉