Nokia 1280 resurrected from mud

Nokia phones got famous not just because they were always bringing the future in the phone industry, but mostly because they last practically forever. Since I’m a sucker for a good restoration video, especially those that look impossible, I stumbled upon a nice video that you might like too.

The guy in the video is resurrecting the Nokia 1280 that got pulled from the mud. I don’t know if the process is right, especially the washing in water part, but the video maker does have a particular set of skills that brought this 10-year-old Nokia back to life.

Well, he did use some new parts, but the mainboard is still able to play the Nokia Tune ringtone after he is done.




Well, he is not doing wonders just with Nokia, he is fixing all kinds of phones, which you can check on his Yt channel. I’m wondering where is he finding all those broken phones, and maybe even more, why?