Nokia WHP-101 and Nokia HP-101 unboxing

Besides all the earbuds, Nokia also announced a few classics on ear headphones. Just recently, Nokia Mobile announced another pair of on-ear headphones called Nokia Wired Headphones (HP-101) and Nokia Wireless Headphones (WHP-101). These are affordable audio equipment intended to go well with the latest affordable smartphones Nokia announced at MWC. The wireless version costs €49 ($55, ₹4100) [£45.9 in the UK] while the wired one can be picked up for  €30 ($34, ₹2510) [£29.9 in the UK].

Both headphones are coming in the same box with the only difference in packaging being the front photo of the product and the charging cable that is provided with the wireless version. The softness of the box cardboard does show you that the headphones are affordable, as well as the unnecessary protective plastic wrapping around the speakers, but the build quality and the feel of the headphones are surprisingly good. I would like Nokia Mobile to get rid of the plastic wraps and maybe use paper since the current one is just not environmentally friendly.  waste. Also, the same approach can be used for the plastic bag of the charging cable.

Headphones can be folded to take a bit less space in the bag, but they don’t fully fold like the old Nokia JBL Monster earphones for example. The less space takes up my Sony WH CH-500, although these Nokia ones are more comfortable to use.

The earlobe cushions are soft and made of artificial skin, and the same material is used for the cushion placed on the arch. headphones sit nicely on the ears, but they get a little uncomfortable after two hours of wearing.  The right speaker part holds all three buttons over which you can easily control the music and loudness. However, I’d love it if the buttons would have some kind of a ridge just to differentiate them much easier.

The sound quality could be better, but WH-101 do provide better and richer bass deeper sounds than the Nokia Go Earbuds 2 +, which is a surprise for the price tag. I don’t know how Nokia Managed to do it, but the sound of a wireless headset is better than the sound of a wired headset, which I would recommend skipping just because of that.

The wired version is coming with a meter long circular cable that holds a simple button for all the controls that differ in the number and longevity of the presses.  I still haven’t managed to test the call quality, but that is an option that both wired and wireless options support.


I have been playing with them for a day and so far I really like the wireless headphones. However, I definitely need to test them a bit more before my final judgement. If you have any questions about these headphones, just fire away.