Nokia C21 Plus, C21 and C2 2nd Edition internals revealed

TechnoRabin YouTube channel git his hands on the disassembly videos of Nokia C21 Plus, the regular C21 and C2 2nd Edition. All these affordable champs were announced at MWC2022. The phones might not be intriguing by specs but surely they are by internal design. The most interesting videos are those of C21 Plus and C2 2nd Edition since those phones represent the new external design which reflects the obvious design changes of the interior.

Nokia C21 Plus

Nokia C21 Plus seems a rather interesting entry device that has a polycarbonate back cover that isn’t glued to the frame, but you do require a bit of expertise and specific tools to remove it. When removed, you see the motherboard plastic covers screwed to the frame with 16 screws. Once removed, it is easy to unplug all the flat cables and antennas to take the circuit boards out. With all the boards out, an aluminium frame is revealed which is a pleasant surprise. This suggests that even low-end devices are going to be resilient to blows and hard to break. Also, aluminium dissipates the heat much better.

The only bad thing here is the fact that the battery is glued to the frame, which means it will surely be damaged if the glue is not dissolved and loosened with rubbing alcohol, and the battery gently pulled. Overall, Nokia C21 Plus seems like a durable and easily repairable device.



Nokia C21 disassembly

Unlike C21 Plus, Nokia C21 is a true relic of past Nokia times and phone builds. The back cover is easily removable and the internal arrangement reminds me of some older Lumia phones. However, when all the circuit boards are removed, the only thing left is the aluminium frame which holds the LCD screen on the front side. This phone, although affordable, is also looking durable and quite easy to repair. There is a visible discontinuity in design expression when compared to C21 Plus which suggests that C21 has been conceived a year ago.



Nokia C2 2nd Edition

The Nokia C2 2nd Edition is designed in the same way as the Nokia C21, but the camera module and shape of the phone represent a new era in design. It’s amazing how simple something as complex as a modern smartphone can be. Even the old Nokia Symbian smartphones had boards squished beneath the screen and battery, but when you check the amount of processing power a modern smartphone offers, it’s impossible to believe that everything it needs fits on two circuit boards. Light and durable metal frame took advantage of the extra space created by smaller motherboards.


Thanks Thomas and Techno Rabin for the tips 😉