Video: Comparison between Nokia 9 PureView and Huawei P30 Pro

After seeing a lot of comparison videos between Nokia 9 PureView and various flagship phones of today, I think I can say that Nokia 9 PureView has a capable camera but with some limitations. Regular daylight jpeg photos can be better then what competition can offer, but when the light goes down, the competition wins the comparison. So, for daylight photography, Nokia 9 PV seems the best buy, but if you take lowlight shots and video recording into account, then the competition has more complete phones in terms of photography. Check out the nicely done comparison between Nokia 9 Pureview and Huawei P30 Pro.

Nokia 9 delivered some nice daylight shots with more details, better dynamic range, and realistic colors. On the other hand, P30 pro can deliver nice shots, but also better low light shots and optically stabilized video. In the end, I must mention that P30 has a 5x optical zoom which is a rarity nowadays. I would like to hear your opinion once again :).

If HMD could polish the camera app a bit more, and take care of the small software issues, Nokia 9 PureView would get better reviews. I think that is going to be a case when we get a review copy in about a year ;).