Nokia 6300 4G shares just the looks with the original

When Nokia Mobile announced its first Original Series Nokia device, Nokia 3310, I loved the idea and the phone itself. It brought modern design to it and some updates like the camera, but the phone hasn’t lost its recognizability.

I thought the Nokia 3310 was a great device back in 2000. However, it wasn’t a premium phone, so seeing the new 3310 as a classic feature phone didn’t bother me.

Over time, Nokia Mobile expanded the Nokia Original series with the 8110 4G or the remake of the banana phone, and shortly thereafter, Nokia 5310, Nokia 6300, Nokia 8000 4G and Nokia 6300. All of those used to be premium or upper-class devices and their new versions were just another feature phone that didn’t differ much in quality from Nokia 105 or 110. Some of those came with KaiOS which made them stick out a bit, but mostly the new versions were not sharing anything premium with their predecessors. And that bothered me a lot since I had most of those phones and grew up with them.

Sometimes I think that it would be better if Nokia Mobile haven’t even tried to revive some of the originals. They should have left them where they belong, to the GSMArena pages and drawers of Nokia fans. However, the only phone done right by Nokia Mobile is Nokia 2720 Flip 4G. That one stands out, and it’s coming in a form that everybody likes.

Nokia 6300 4G, which Abdulla explores in a bit more detail in his video below, is also a slight disappointment in regard to the materials used and the overall quality of the display and software.

However, the design of the new 6300 isn’t that bad, and although the materials used aren’t the best, and it runs slowish KaiOS 2.5. If you are a user of the Nokia 6300 4G, do share your experiences with the device, how do you like it, what are its advantages or disadvantages