Video: Disassembly of Nokia 7

Check out the disassembly video of the Nokia 7, the phone that HMD Global exclusively launched for the Chinese market. The video was shot by iVankrTech and shared over Chinese Baidu network.

Nokia 7 was disassembled professionally, with various smartphone specific tools used. If you got the Nokia 7, I wouldn’t recommend doing this at home.


Nokia 7 brings a new design language in the Nokia phone line-up, and that can be seen at the very beginning of the disassembly. Usually the whole process starts by heating up the glued display, but with Nokia 7 the glass back is heated and removed first. Internal design of the phone resembles to the old polycarbonate phones that Nokia used to do, since the battery is accessible and exchangeable. The motherboard is tightly screwed and pretty small. All in all, a nicely built phone from the inside out.