Nummela: New #Nokia devices will go on sale soon after a launch?!

Arto Nummela

There have been many interviews with leading people from HMD and each one revealed some interesting tidbits about upcoming Nokia smartphones. We know what are the principles behind the devices, and what kind of Os will they be using. We also wrote about the possible date of the sales and Nummela revealed it’s going to be in the first half of the year.

Now, for the Forbes, Nummela secretly revealed that new Nokia devices will be available in stores very soon after the launch.

Q: But what does ‘launch’ actually mean? It’s worth a final throw of the dice.

A: “Launch means we’ll launch the device to the public…” Nummela playfully smiles. But hold on. I also recognise an impish sense of humour, there’s a bit more. “…and it is good practice to go on sale very soon after a launch.”


The launch date of the devices is probably MWC 2017, so soon after could mean few weeks or a month? Mid-April seems ok, tell us what do you think. 🙂