Shane of Smoorez checks Nokia Chronicles

Another Saturday, another Nokia Chronicles episode. or is it Sunday? Never mind, the Aussie duo has brought us yet another Nokia aficionado to their show. This time the guest is an interesting Youtuber from Down Under, Shane of SMOOREZ. I must say I haven’t heard of Shane before Episode 36 of Nokia Chronicles, but I checked some of his videos and I can say that this dude is a legend. He shoots videos of old tech, of him fixing tech and stuff from Wish that you shouldn’t buy.

Shane is a huge Nokia fan and his first one was Nokia 6288, a classic slider that my older son chewed up.



Shane is a true Nokia fan and he knows his Nokias from the glory days. He did some nice videos of Nokia N91, Nokia 7710 and some others like the original Nokia 8800. Do check Shane’s Youtube Channel but first, spend an hour with Nokia Chronicles hosts Justin and Adrian.

Nokia Chronicles