Nokia Mobile is announcing something new tomorrow in Philippines

In a regional Nokia Mobile Facebook post in Philippines, Nokia Mobile announced that something “Immersive” is coming tomorrow on 30th November, with the now known tagline “OnlyGadgetYouNeed”.

That tagline is from Nokia Mobile’s partnership with the new James Bond movie No Time To Die that is scheduled for release on April 2nd 2021, or more realistically until more people can go to cinema, because the movie is already done.

The device that will most likely be announced on that market is the Nokia 3.4, because Nokia posted the above image on Friday, containing both the number 3 and the number 4. At first, I thought something like a 5.4 will be launched, but I am relieved it will probably be an existing device coming to a new market.

We have the Nokia 3.4 on review and we did a little unboxing that you can check here.

Nokia Mobile Facebook link