Nokia TA-1451 gets certified by FCC

Nokia Mobile announced at the CES2022 online event a new KaiOS 3 running flip phone. This phone is a Nokia 2760 Flip or the continuation of the 2720 Flip that came years before. Nokia TA-1451 has just got the FCC certificates which means that this device will be soon available in the Walmart stores or Tracfone spaces around the US. Actually, if you visit Nokia pages, there is a buy from button which redirects you to the before-mentioned online stores.

Nokia 2720 Flip is a feature phone that will run the latest KaiOS version which means it should be faster with an improved UI experience. The phone supports, 4G and BT 4.2 connection as well as, WiFi 2.4 G. There is a removable 1450 mAh battery, 5MP front-facing camera with LED flash and USB C port. Since it is running KaiOS, the phone should be able to run Whatsapp and other social network apps.

Since Nokia 2760 Flip is a new Nokia feature phone that belongs to Nokia Original series, there is a slight chance of seeing this phone globally, although Nokia Mobile never revealed that. However, the model number of the Tracfone Nokia 2760 is N139DL, so this one could end up being a global version.