Nokia X7 nostalgia brought back in 2022

Our YouTuber Abdulla Zaki, better known maybe as Mr Nokia, brought a touch of Nokia nostalgia back again. This time he took back from the dead Nokia X7. This phone was one of the first Nokia Symbian phones that came with a 4-inch screen, which was considered to be enormous back then. Nokia X7 was announced in 2011, which was a rather fruitful year for Nokia. Along with X7, phones like Nokia 701, Nokia N9, N950 and many other legendary devices were released back then.

I bought Nokia 701, which was a great phone that I still like to play with even today, but X7 was looking like it was designed by the NASA space program. The combination of stainless steel and a large screen with those angled cutouts on the edges made the phone special. This phone had stereo speakers, a Nokia Clear Black display, a camera shutter key, dual-LED flash, great ergonomic design, but unfortunately a fixed focus 8MP camera.

Mr Nokia is presenting a grey and black version, and besides telling all the great aspects of the device, he is mentioning some quirks it had. Enjoy the video!