Nokia N96 Nostalgia | The Beginning of the End (Video)

Nokia N96
Nokia N96

How do you improve on one of the most iconic and memorable flagship devices of all time? This is the gigantic task that the Nokia N96 had to conquer. The Nokia N9 and its midlife refresh, the N95 8GB were the definition of success, and an N series flagship always meant that the whole world would be on notice. So did the N96 live up to this massive task? Check the video below:

The short answer is no. But the worst part was the timing. In 2008, iPhone was already on its 2nd iteration, which made the formula a lot more mainstream and introduced the App Store, while Samsung had released their respectable Symbian flagship, the Innov8. Nokia was caught sleeping behind the wheel. In isolation, the N96 wasn’t a bad device. It looked cool, had plenty of good features, and was a competent all-rounder (Minus the horrendous battery life). But at a time where Nokia was supposed to show the world why their flagships were considered the very best the industry has to offer, the N96 was an uninspired update over the N95.

N96's glossy back wasn't a great choice
N96’s glossy back wasn’t a great choice

Anyway, have you had an experience with the Nokia N96? What did you think of it? Let’s discuss in the comments.