Nokia Chronicles breaks the curse of 13th episode with a legend

Back in the days when Symbian was ruling the kingdom of mobile device operating systems, many were searching for good info about it and reading meticulously done reviews of devices at the AllAboutSymbian site. Also, if you wanted to get a good review of Nokia’s camera phones, you would head to the AAS website. The main guy running it was Steve Litchfield, and the same guy is still keeping that site alive.

Aussie duo, Adrian and Justin invited him to be the guest star of the 13th Nokia chronicles episode, and Steve gladly said yes. So, the number 13 wasn’t unlucky for the best podcast show about Nokia :).
In an hour you’ll hear how Steve’s work contributed the tech journalism and how he changed the way we think of Xenon flash on mobile phones whit his beer-drinking selfies.

Steve talked a lot about Symbian, and also gave his opinion on new Nokia devices done by the current Nokia Mobile. Also, Steve gave his top five Nokia devices list and an explanation to the question of why there is a Steve Litchfield Wikipedia page :).

Anyways, I do recommend highly you listen to this podcast if you were a Symbian lover or not. Just click the photo :).

Nokia Chronicles