Nokia chooses low energy consumption AMD chips for its Core Network servers

Nokia’s Core Network business chose AMD EPYC processors to lower power consumption for their servers. New AMD chipset based servers should be more energy efficient, which serves Nokia’s target of a 40% reduction in server power consumption. New chips should help communication service providers gain some profit by saving up on energy consumption.

AMD EPYC powered servers can be bought directly through Nokia or from other suppliers when they become commercially available. The availability is expected during the first half of 2022. Until then, servers with chips from other manufacturers will be available.

Nokia has been working with chipset manufacturers in designing their own chips for networking gear. The Finns were also developing new chips that should speed up the progress of 5G networks. Nokia Bell Labs just established a new 5G Joint Laboratory with MediaTek in Shanghai where the two companies will be testing end-to-end verification of new 5G functions. Collaboration with Mediatek is a smart move since the Chinese chipset manufacturer will surely need to have powerful 5G capable chips to compete with Qualcomm and others which are dominating the market.

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