Video: Nokia Micro-Node can endure a torture by kids

For quite some time I was associating the Nokia brand just with mobile phones. I believe that I wasn’t the only one. A few years ago, I started digging more and more into Nokia and saw how diverse this company was. Since I’m more enthusiastic about the hardware, I tried to see what else Nokia is mass producing. Mostly it is hardware that is not mass sold in classic stores, but rather to operators, various internet or TV providers, other companies etc.

Seems that Nokia finally started using its name for promotion of less known hardware. Nokia published a funny demo video about its Micro-nodes that are used to provide high internet speeds to end customers. Those Nodes are made to withstand different weather conditions, but usually are not made as toys for kids. Well, in the video, a kid tested the durability of one micro-node.

This is a funny and creative way of advertising, for consumers, less interesting products, and really puts a smile on the face, especially to those whose operators use Nokia’s gear. 🙂